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Welcome to the NucWik site for teaching material for Nuclear and Radiochemistry. Read more..

Laboratory Exercises Calculation Exercises Simulation Exercises Remote Control Experiments Basics of Nuclear Physics and of Radiation Detection and Measurement Nuclear and Radiochemistry Compendia

Guidelines for formatting Exercise pages for Nucwik


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About Nucwik

NucWik was created as part of the CINCH EU-project for evaluating and planing nuclear and radiochemistry teaching in Europe. Please refer to the CINCH web-pages for details about this project.

The content on the old NucWik site was moved to this site (NucWik 2) in May 2023. The transfer was done in parallel with a quality review of the old content. Only material deemed complete and of general usefulness was moved. For the time being the old site will be kept running, so all the old material is still available. We will keep the old site in operation at least until end of 2024. Read more about NucWik, it's purpose, and history on the "About NucWik" page.

About NucWik

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